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The software information on supported devices continues to show Android version 12 with no indication of the update. A flashlight-style application is included, working on supported devices with a camera flash. Third-party applications regain the ability to read and modify data located anywhere on external storage, such as on SD cards.

  • Steam Link allows you to play games from your Steam library directly from your Android phone, with the caveat that both your PC and mobile device must be connected to the same network.
  • With the close integration between Pocket and the Android sharing tools, you can pocket just about anything from your phone.
  • Android 2.0 Éclair adds support for more screen sizes and resolutions and some basic functionality, such as tapping a contact to call or text them.
  • It also adds more inclusive emojis with more skin and hair options.
  • And better yet, Google provides all updates completely free of charge.

It can’t handle Tamarian, but it’s sure to be a handy tool here on Earth. Another option is Microsoft Translator, which offers 60 offline languages, travel phrasebooks, a real-time conversation mode, and actually translates Klingon. Microsoft Edgelets you easily sync web pages, bookmarks, and browsing history between your Android device and the Edge browser on your desktop. Top features of the mobile browser include an integrated reading view, news ratings , and a content blocker .

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You can download the emulator from its official website and its forums are housed on XDA-Developers. It’s also one of the few that runs Android 9, a much newer version than the Android 7 that most emulators run. This emulator also features multiple instances so you can play multiple games. Nox started out as a lightweight alternative to heavier hitters, but it’s quickly becoming a lot more mature and usable. MEmu is another excellent Android emulator that seems to do quite well with gamers.

You could use it to help redecorate your living room or even to help you choose a tattoo artist. It easily integrates with your browser for fast pinning, and you can view the pins of others for added inspiration. As far aspassword managersgo, Bitwarden checks all the right boxes. For instance, it supports two-factor authentication and secure password sharing. Bitwarden also implements a password generator and can help you import passwords from other services. The library is an often-overlooked public resource , but OverDrive brings it back into the fold with the newly redesigned, Libby.

android is continually developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance , and it has seen several updates to its base operating system since the initial release. PrimeOS is kind of a standout in the Android emulator space. You install this as a partition on your computer and it boots up running native Android. It’s a gamer-focused Android experience, although you can totally use this for productivity if you really want to. PrimeOS includes a gaming center, support for mouse and keyboard, and access to most Android apps and games.

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Support for Near Field Communication , allowing the user to read an NFC tag embedded in a poster, sticker, or advertisement. Enhanced copy/paste functionality, allowing users to select a word by press-holding, copying, and pasting. Gallery allows users to view picture stacks using a zoom gesture. Support for high-PPI displays , such as four-inch 720p screens. Integration of Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine into the Browser application. Additional application speed improvements, implemented through JIT compilation.

Ability to shut down applications from the recent apps list with a swipe. Data Usage section in settings that lets users set warnings when they approach a certain usage limit, and disable data use when the limit is exceeded. FeaturesImage3.2July 15, 2011Improved hardware support, including optimizations for a wider range of tablets. New Download Manager, giving users easy access to any file downloaded from the browser, email, or another application. Updated Market application with batch and automatic update features. Support for Widgets – miniature application views that can be embedded in other applications and receive periodic updates.

February 2021: Android 12 Snow Cone Might Add Software Features Oems Have Offered For Years

Both Apple and Microsoft have sued several manufacturers for patent infringement, with Apple’s ongoing legal action against Samsung being a particularly high-profile case. Samsung’s patent settlement with Microsoft included an agreement to allocate more resources to developing and marketing phones running Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. In addition to running on smartphones and tablets, several vendors run android natively on regular PC hardware with a keyboard and mouse. In addition to their availability on commercially available hardware, similar PC hardware-friendly versions of Android are freely available from the Android-x86 project, including customized Android 4.4. Using the Android emulator that is part of the Android SDK, or third-party emulators, Android can also run non-natively on x86 architectures. Chinese companies are building a PC and mobile operating system, based on Android, to “compete directly with Microsoft Windows and Google Android”.