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While most people buy a phone or laptop and stick with it for years, I’m lucky enough to use devices based on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows daily as part of my job. As a result, I cycle through lots of tech in addition to my IT-issue work laptop. (Yes, that’s a ThinkPad.) Personally, I’ve also owned a lot of tech products both cutting-edge and cringeworthy, from the Nintendo GameCube and the original MacBook to the Palm m105 and the CueCat. However, Intel do have a new rival whose processors are starting to appear on the market.

Gaming PCs above the budget level should have at least 16GB of RAM, and 32GB is a prudent upgrade for esports hounds who want to play and simultaneously edit and stream in-game footage. HP’s redesigned G9 version of its Z2 Mini workstation punches well above its weight, with desktop-class CPUs, replaceable graphics, and excellent connectivity. Better acoustics, plus the addition of USB-C ports and a high-res webcam, are steps in the right direction, making MSI’s Modern AM241P 11M a solid, if unremarkable, budget AIO for small businesses and home offices. We review products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.

For the last few years, Lenovo has been quietly turning out laptops and tablets that offer smart design and decent specs without costing the earth, and this model is the culmination of the Chinese manufacturer’s best work. The newest 2020 model is powered by Apple’s new M1 processor, an ARM-based chip that unlocks notable performance boosts and better battery efficiency over the older Intel CPU seen in previous generations. There is a 2022 model soon to be announced, so bear that in mind when you shop. If you fill up your Ram, some of the things you’re working on will be moved back to the hard drive, making things feel a lot slower. Some cheap computers come with 2GB – this is usually fine on a cheap Chromebook, but some Windows laptops will struggle. It’s fast, has a good screen and battery life is well above average.

  • “If you’re in the market for a high-performance and productivity-focused Windows laptop with a spectacular next-generation display, the new Dell XPS 15 is the best you’ll find.
  • Ports abound as well and rather surprisingly for a PC its size, so you can accessorize to your heart’s content.
  • To make this process easier, we will discuss only the most important ones.
  • If you don’t already have them, you’ll have to spend extra money to buy some, and in the case of dedicated speakers, they’ll take up room on your desk.
  • Many AIOs and mini PCs, conversely, use the same efficient, cooler-running types of CPUs that you’ll find in laptops.
  • The touchscreen is also bigger than last season’s model which means you never find yourself swiping in the wrong places.

The best computer you can buy right now should offer a level of performance and upgradability that laptops just can’t manage. The XPS 15 is much like the XPS 13, except it’s equipped with the performance hardware to get you into specialized work. If you’re looking for a 15-inch Ultrabook that can handle just about anything, it should fare quite well. If you’re looking for the best convertible on the market today and have the budget for a high-end version, this laptop should no doubt be near the top of your list. I’ve appeared on CBS News, in USA Today, and at many other outlets to offer analysis on breaking technology news.

The Best Laptops For Everyday Use

See our expert pick of models below and keep scrolling to read our expert advice on how you can find the best laptop, whatever your budget. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that the new iMac (24-inch, 2021) is the best all-in-one PC we’ve ever tested. Finally, there’s something called DisplayPort over USB, most commonly seen in low-end Chromebooks and some high-end laptops that have only USB-C or Thunderbolt ports rather than DisplayPort or HDMI connectors. This video-transfer method is most commonly found in a configuration of a USB-C cable that connects a computer to a USB-compatible monitor. This method currently maxes out at 60Hz/8K, though as with the other cable standards we’ve mentioned we expect those numbers to climb in future.

These are not, I’ll admit, things you’ll notice much when you’re using the laptop, but having tested quite a few at this point, I know how annoying it can be when either of these two features are too small. The final thing worth mentioning is that the power button doubles as a fingerprint scanner which is a handy feature, saving you from having to put in your password every time. It seems odd to shout about the hinges of a laptop, but they’re very good here, almost invisible which makes the design look very modern. I was also particularly impressed with the viewing experience when using the device to watch stuff on Netflix. The omnisonic speakers (a word which Microsoft have invented to mean “the sound comes from under the keyboard”) are Dolby Atmos 9 enabled so they give a really cinematic sound, especially in smaller rooms.

If you’re buying this to prioritise having a light laptop for traveling with, I might just get a Chromebook. Still, if you fall into the slim margin of people who want both and for them, the LG gram comes highly recommended. So, the 15-inch display on yourlaptopis starting to feel cramped, and you work in one place most of the time? Sure, you could attach a second screen to your notebook, or opt for a desktop tower with a separate monitor, but a more streamlined option is an all-in-one desktop. For about the same money that you would spend on a midrange-to-high-end laptop with a 17-inch screen , you can get an AIO computer with a 23-inch or larger display. For people with similar needs but larger budgets, an Apple MacBook might be the way to go, assuming you’re cool with running your day-to-day computing life on macOS.

2020 Apple Macbook Air

The best computers offer power and affordability right on your desktop, with systems suited to everything from remote work and school to photo and video editing, gaming, and even virtual reality. If you’re buying a laptop that you intend to use when out and about, make sure the battery life is at least six hours based on our reviews. We’ve tested some models that last for more than 15 hours before they need recharging.

If you can face the price, this is a brilliant laptop for intensive tasks such as photo- and video-editing. You don’t have to compromise on portability or battery life either; this laptop is light and the battery lasts for over 16 hours when watching videos. Lenovo’s latest all-in-one offering isn’t as powerful as Apple’s premium AIO, the iMac Pro, or even the recently updated iMac, which now offers a 9th-generation Intel Core configuration. After all, the 8th-generation chips and Radeon RX 560 graphics are aging at this point.

But, if you are looking for the best of the best in the mini PC form factor – and by that, we mean the most powerful machine you can find – then you can do better than this gorgeous piece of kit. This mini PC comes with some of the very best components money can buy, with its high-end configuration capable of handling any game at 4K and any 4K content creation workflow, allowing you to catch two fish with one worm. It’s just the ticket for gamers and video editors who need the absolute best that will last them for years to come. With AMD’s solid campaign to win the CPU and GPU markets, it’s no surprise that many of the best PCs are switching over Team Red’s cause.