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Our course provides you with skills highly prized in industry and for research. These courses will provide you with the level of English needed to meet the conditions of your offer. Throughout the course, you will have a personal supervisor responsible for guiding your studies.

The basics of constructing source code to solve a problem will be introduced, exposing students to common control structures alongside concepts such as types and generics. Major programming paradigms such as object orientation and functional programming are introduced. During the first two years of the degree students gain experience in a variety of ‘traditional’ programming languages in procedural, functional and object-oriented flavours. This module addresses the design and use of scripting languages for a contemporar…

The BSc Computer Science allows you to develop your skills through hands-on project work. Postgraduate study in the humanities Study at the School of Advanced Study – UK’s national centre for the support and promotion of research in the humanities. There are no compulsory costs for this course beyond the fees shown above and your living costs. Islands students are entitled to different support to that of students from the rest of the UK. The theories that are now emerging to answer these kinds of questions can be immediately applied to design new computers, programs, networks and systems that are transforming science, business, culture and all other aspects of life. Discover Uni allows you to compare information about individual courses at different higher education institutions.


There’s also an informal lab, with group-work areas, projectors and whiteboards. This acts as the department’s social hub – a place where you can have lunch and meet up with students from across the department to work on academic or personal projects. Applications for 2022 entry to this course are now closed to all applicants. This introductory course will provide you with the foundational skillset required to write computer programs. To complete your degree in two years of full-time study at Goldsmiths, you must have completed eight Level 4 modules successfully. To complete your degree in one year of full-time study at Goldsmiths, you must also have completed eight modules at Level 5.

  • Our £32.5 million Computational Foundry is home to state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities which include a Vision and Biometric Lab, Maker Lab, Theory Lab, Cyber Security/Networking Lab, User Lab and Visualisation Suite.
  • All aspects of modern computer science are covered, along with the underlying theory and foundations in economics, law and business.
  • Students will also receive teaching in a variety of other ways, depending on the course.
  • The University has established Advance Standing Agreements with 5 Polytechnics in Singapore which provide guidelines for some of the Diplomas we will accept and scores required by certain departments .

You also build neural networks using state of the art simulation technology and apply these networks to the solution of problems. In addition, the module discusses examples of computation applied to neurobiology and cognitive psychology. • Concepts, principles, practice and philosophy of an Agile approach to software development, contrasting with more structured approaches.

Academic Leadership

In Year 3, you may have the option to study abroad through the University’s international exchange programme. You can also choose option courses from various schools across the University. This year also includes courses in the mathematics necessary for all areas of informatics.

Knowledge and skills will be developed of tools and techniques to examine and analyse forensic data across differing computing platforms. Topics include virtualisation and cloud; services and applications; Software Defined Networking, and Network Function Virtualisation; load balancing, performance and resilience. You will study advances in new technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation, virtual reality and smart devices for our homes.

With computer science and electronics being part of the same department, you’ll have easy access to modules in these complementary disciplines. A foundation year will give you the skills and knowledge to progress to this course if you don’t have the right qualifications for direct entry. Academic direction for the BSc Computer Science is provided by the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths, one of the UK’s top creative universities. Goldsmiths’ unique hands-on project-based style works for a diverse range of interests – from computer and data science to art and music to social science and journalism. Themodule continuation feeis the cost per module if you defer an examination or need to retake assessments.