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The screen isn’t quite big enough to warrant 4K, but it offers a 2560×1600 resolution which is twice as good as Full HD with colours that really pop, so it’s perfect for late night Netflix and chilling sessions. I say that because the 3D audio rendering gives you a great surround sound even without headphones on. The screen is a retina display, which Apple has been using on all its other Macbooks and iPhones for a while now, and it looks fantastic – bright, sharp, popping with colour. The 2018 edition which I tested is 13pc smaller than the previous year’s model, with most of the overall size being shaved off the height of the screen, making for a very wide, distinctly rectangular shape . Personally, I really liked it – that lack of height didn’t impact on the laptop’s userbility, and it makes slipping it into your backpack or laptop case all the easier.

  • You can pick the monitor you want and make more significant changes internally, such as adding more Ram, a new graphics card, or a more powerful processor.
  • Most manufacturers would prefer you to use either an external hard-driveor cloud storage.
  • It’s still light too, at 1.26kg, the 13.5-inch model that I’ve been testing frequently made me wonder if I’d misplaced it.
  • Even if you find a 17-inch-screened laptop you like, you’ll need a strong back to carry it anywhere; 6 pounds and up, plus an AC adapter, is the norm for machines like these.

This is a term which has become more widespread thanks to various phones boasting about it, but it essentially means the action on the screen looks smooth when you’re watching content or event scrolling up and down a webpage. The hinge is totally hidden like in Google’s Pixelbook range which helps it look premium, and the keyboard is comfortable to type on with each key offering a satisfying ‘press’ as you touch it. The touchscreen is also bigger than last season’s model which means you never find yourself swiping in the wrong places. On the standard model it’s a basic hinge, but you can pay a bit more for a two-in-one laptop/tablet model which has a 360 degree hinge. Moving into 2022, we may start to see more systems adopt Intel’s 12th Generation (“Alder Lake”) processors, though some may stick with the 11th Generation alternatives.

Best Laptops 2022

Running both new and old Mac apps, the new MacBook Air can now also run iOS apps for iPhone and iPads, giving it access to hundreds of brilliant mobile applications and games as well. The appropriate screen resolution will depend on how you use your computer. If you like to watch a lot of movies or play a lot of games, a 4K monitor will give you sharper images with more detail. On the other hand, if you use your computer for normal daily tasks, a normal Full HD screen will suffice and save you money. If you need a monitor to use for work and you need more space to see several documents or programs, the larger screen will be much more useful. If you do not have a large space you will need to choose a smaller model.

The brilliant Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook proves how good modern Chromebooks are these days. It can be used as a laptop or a tablet, and it’s backed up by some very impressive specs. Even if you’ve only ever used Windows laptops before, the MacBook Air is well worth getting and making the jump to macOS. Make sure you check out all the best MacBook Air deals and sales available now before you buy. As with the power supply, the motherboard is often overlooked and does not get the attention it deserves. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the motherboard that is part of the equipment you purchased is of good quality and also that in the future it will allow you to make the necessary upgrades.

This is the smallest Macbook yet; though around the same size as it’s 2019 edition predecessor, and that means it’s light and easy to carry around. There’s a USB-C port which can be used for charging, two traditional USB ports, a HDMI port, and a headphone jack. In terms of ports, Microsoft has done reasonably well to include connections for USB, USB-C, SD card, and a headphone jack, though only one of each.


But if you’d rather some expert guidance – and don’t want to be banned from your local Currys – we’ve assembled a list of the 10 best laptops in 2022 to help you choose. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn commission. Plus, if you find a product cheaper at a different high street store, you can make a price match request online, in store, or over the phone. Unless you have a very low budget, don’t settle for less than Full HD, no matter the size.

Our favorite Alienware Aurora gaming desktop PC line is among them, fitting its R10 models with AMD’s powerful yet affordable Ryzen CPUs. Not only do these deliver brute strength when it comes to gaming, but they also tout affordability, giving budget gamers to partake in what those with souped up rigs experience everyday without burning a hole in their pockets. Microsoft released both 13- and 15-inch versions of the Surface Laptop 4, as well as offering the choice of AMD or Intel hardware. You can check out our Surface Laptop review for more information on that front. While the Surface Laptop 4 is basically the same as the Surface Laptop 3 in terms of design — right down to the same USB-C, USB-A, 3.5mm audio, and Surface Connect ports — performance hardware, battery, and audio got a boost.

Since 2004, I have worked on PCMag’s hardware team, covering at various times printers, scanners, projectors, storage, and monitors. I currently focus my testing efforts on 3D printers, pro and productivity displays, and drives and SSDs of all sorts. In fact, many prospective owners of 4K monitors are video editors or users who like to have multiple application windows open side by side without adding a second monitor. If that’s you, you don’t need to look for a panel with lightning-quick response times, but you should pay attention to color gamut, contrast ratios, and size. Displays for gaming require fast response times in order to display moving images without producing motion errors or artifacts. Panels with slower response times may produce blurring of fast-moving images, which can be distracting during gameplay.

You’ll still need to plug in a keyboard and mouse, though, but these are more often than not supplied in the box with an all-in-one. This is a great desktop computer that’s fast and has all the ports and connectivity you could wish for. For the average home office user it might be a slight overkill, particularly with the graphics card, but if you want a computer that looks the part and is capable of whatever task you throw at it, it’s well worth a look. Armed with all of the knowledge and decision points above, you’re almost ready to shop. We review hundreds of PCs every year, evaluating their features and testing their performance against peers in their respective categories.