List of 5 Best Gaming Computer Desks

List of 5 Best Gaming Computer Desks

List of 5 Best Gaming Computer Desks

Computer Desks- To use a computer or PC, you need some supporting equipment so that the computer or PC can run properly, both external and internal equipment. One of the equipments or supporting factors for those of you who want to operate a computer or PC is a computer desk for sure.

The desk is one of the external factors that you should not underestimate because it turns out that the computer desk is an important factor that is useful for you and for your computer as well. Talking about computer desks, it turns out that there are computer desks, especially for gaming that you can buy at affordable prices. Curious? Let’s look down.

Battledesk R3 White/Black

The RGB gaming table (Battledesk R3) is a gaming computer table that has 2 color choices to choose from, both black and white, besides that the R3 gaming table has a fairly affordable price, where the price ranges from more than IDR 2,700 .000 or less than the price of Rp. 2,700,000.

Besides the RGB gaming table, which is a table that has a Letter L/RGB display with a weight capacity of up to 69 kg, this RGB table also has other advantages. This RGB table is an anti-slip table if you want to move it or not, so users of this table don’t have to worry if using this table it will stay locked in place.

Dragon War RGB Light Effect Pro-Gaming Desk (GT-006)

This gaming computer table is a table that has a metal frame model with a size of 126 cm x 68 cm x 73 cm. This table is an RGB table that has other capabilities, namely, you can use the table as a Wireless Charger. A table that has 3 USB ports and so on that have registered.

As the name implies, this game table uses the word light effect, this table is definitely a game table that has lights in various angles that you can adjust with the remote. With its many features and modern appearance, this table is worth buying and feeling by PC gamers.

UltiPro Gaming Desk (MJU-02)

The next gaming computer table is the gaming table (MJU-02) which has a price range of less than Rp. 2 million. You can buy this gaming table in two color choices, both black and white. The size of this table is 120 cm long, 60 cm wide and 75 cm high. I f you need another information about travel recreation you can visit this site kelilingkota

This table has RGB lights that you can adjust on the back of the table, not only that, you need to know that this table can remove from the monitor holder so that the table can be flat on the surface. This table has a carbon texture, 18mm multiplex wood and a strong leg frame.

UltiPro Gaming Desk (MJU-06)

Again, the next gaming computer table is the one from UltiPro, where the gaming table is coded MJU-06 which is worth Rp. 1,300,000. Although the price is cheaper than the MJU-02, the quality is not cheap because the table is considered to be able to withstand loads up to 100 kg.

Just like the MJU-02, this table is also able to adjust the RGB light that can be set on the back of the table as well as the monitor stand that can be removed. As additional information, you can customize the table from UltiPro in color to size, where you can inform the seller to modify it according to what you want.

Gaming Table (MG-805)

The last and cheapest gaming computer table of the four above is the MG-805 gaming desk. The gaming table coded MG-805 has a length of 120 cm, a width of 60 cm and a height of 75 cm. The MG-805 has a headset hook, drink storage and 1 cable hole on each of its left and right legs.

You have to understand and understand, this table is a very affordable gaming computer table, with the listed price, this table has a drawback, namely there is no LED light. Other than that, there is nothing bad about this 1,500 gram table and others are good and good for you to use.

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