Computer Speaker: 6 Best Active Speakers for PC

Computer Speaker: 6 Best Active Speakers for PC

Computer Speaker: 6 Best Active Speakers for PC

A computer speaker is a complement to the “life” of a computer. If your budget is unlimited, then choosing the best active speakers is not a problem.

Logitech Z313 // Starting Price IDR 360,000

Logitech Z313 Although the price is quite cheap, this Logitech active speaker device delivers a balanced sound, especially if the sound character you want is an acoustic type thanks to the subwoofer and dual satellite speakers. The best alternative for users on a very limited budget.

Pros: The price is very affordable.
Cons: Still wired speaker type so it will be difficult to place it on a narrow space or surface.

Edifier M1370 // Starting Price IDR 750.000

Edifier M1370 This active speaker is highly recommended if you often watch movies from your PC. The sound produced sounds very soft, especially when you want to enjoy the long dialogues in the film.

Pros: In the latest version, Edifier has added Bluetooth connectivity to enhance the wireless experience.
Cons: Its weight which reaches 4.1 kg is quite heavy.

Microlab Speaker 2.1 TMN-9U // Starting Price IDR 805,000

Microlab Speaker 2.1 TMN-9U This Microlab active speaker is made of wood so that it can produce a solid sounding sound. You can not only connect this audio device directly to the computer. The availability of a USB port and SD card on this speaker also allows you to listen to music from any storage media.

Pros: Very powerful bass and treble.
Cons: The dominant material is wood, it will rot easily when placed in a humid room.

Simbadda CST 6400N // Starting Price IDR 550.000

Simbadda CST 6400N There are three reasons we included this active speaker in the best list this time. First because of the elegant design. The elegant speaker design can beautify the appearance of your computer. Second, the sound released by this device is quite “noisy”, perfect for those of you who like to hear high-volume music. The last reason is that Simbadda CST 6400N has fairly lightweight.

Pros: The design is quite elegant because there is a futuristic touch.
Cons: Doesn’t support a Bluetooth connection yet.

Dazumba DW366 // Starting Price IDR 550.000

Dazumba DW366 This active speaker device made by Dazumba provides quite a variety of features. Starting from the subwoofer paired with satellite speakers. Until the availability of ports for USB configuration, SD card, line in 3.5, and Bluetooth. The existence of this Bluetooth feature allows you to connect speakers to your smartphone without the need for limited space.

Pros: Its Bluetooth transmission reaches a distance of 10 meters.
Cons: The dominant material is wood, it will rot easily when placed in a humid room.

Altec Lansing Speaker VS2621 // Starting Price IDR 690,000

Altec Lansing Speaker VS2621 In addition to great sound production, this powered speaker has a USB port for a variety of data sources. The details of this device such as the cable and jack are durable enough for long-term use.

Pros: Compact size and easy to install.
Cons: Not compatible with 7.1 surround-level audio devices.