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Consider researching different roles and the typical duties in these positions. For example, if you’re interested in becoming a computer architect, you may study computer hardware engineering with a focus on designing a computer’s internal structures. One strategy for determining which path is right for you is to consider your career goals. For instance, if you are looking to work in cybersecurity or as a systems administrator, computer science may be a good fit for you. If your goal is to eventually become a software architect or developer, a degree in computer science or computer engineering will equip you for the job. Advanced computer science curricula thoroughly cover how networks and systems security protocols work while teaching programming and appropriate mathematical concepts.

It will build on your knowledge in mathematics, science, and engineering to ensure you have a sound foundation in the areas needed for a career in this field. Foundations in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence recognises exciting innovations are being built which increasingly automate our world. The foundations of the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence have roots in the work of Alan Turing, investigating the boundary between human intelligence and computers.

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The University uses academic selection criteria to determine an applicant’s ability to successfully complete a course at the University of Essex. Where appropriate, we may ask for specific information relating to previous modules studied or work experience. Subject to eligibility, UK students joining this undergraduate degree can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan from the Government to cover the full cost of tuition fees. UK students enrolling on the programme may also be eligible to apply for additional funding to help with living costs. Please note, the availability of these additional activities cannot be guaranteed for all students.

  • Virtual Realisation of Systems recognises that virtual reality is becoming the universal display medium of the 21st century.
  • As a cross-functional position, computer engineering requires individuals be strong communicators, and able to work closely with other colleagues and clients.
  • Microprocessor and Sensor Systems Applications in Engineeringprovides an overview of sensor-centric microcontrollers and microprocessors.
  • Within this field, professionals can choose to work in several types of computer engineering pathways.

They both lead to prosperous and secure jobs, but which is preferable depends entirely on you. Experience with software development using one or more programming languages or experience with an advanced degree. Using a variety of web technologies and programming languages, a web developer integrates security measures, implements application features and manages site functionality. Design, implement and evaluate a solution, producing a dissertation on your investigation and giving an oral presentation of your work. Test your knowledge, while gaining practical experience and building your project management skills.


In general, software engineers build programs and apps that are functional with any device, making the software systems easy to use. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer engineering jobs may grow 2% from 2019 to 2029. Computer engineers tend to grow due to their tasks, which are about developing computer networks and circuits. Hands-on experience in digital operating systems and high-end embedded systems. Sponsored by ARM, a semiconductor IP company, the AAE certification is designed for individuals working with embedded software and systems software using ARM technology.


These scholarships aren’t linked to academic success and celebrate determination, talent and achievement beyond your coursework, for instance in creativity, enterprise, ICT, performance, sport or volunteering. EU/EEA and Swiss students who have settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme, as well as Irish nationals, may be eligible for the UK tuition fee rate. Learning a Language – you may be able to participate in Language Steps classes, delivered at the Edge Hill Language Centre, as additional study. Our dedicated Employability team, who work closely with the University’s Careers Centre, can help support you to find highly skilled employment. You will also benefit from timetabled employability sessions, ongoing support during internships and placements, and presentations and workshops delivered by employers. This degree is also available as a 4-year programme with an integrated foundation year.

The profession doesn’t necessarily require a degree, as there are numerous certificates to be obtained. Software engineers deals with computer programming, smartphone applications, and software development in general. Introduces students to the object oriented design programming techniques, including different programming languages, data manipulation, and sorting. With the growing need for technological advancement, it should not come as a surprise that approximately 38 percent of all technological professionals work in computer engineering—hardware and software —according to CompTIA.