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Its multi-disciplinary staff are actively involved in a wide range of innovative applications of computer science. Research and teaching includes computer science but also extends to more surprising topics, including computational art, virtual reality, computer music, digital sociology and education technology. Machine learning provides a means for computer systems to extract useful information out of data. These techniques are widely used in the technology industry for a variety of applications. Cambridge was a pioneer of computer science and continues to lead its development. There are more than 1,000 specialist computing and advanced technology companies and commercial laboratories in the area (known as ‘Silicon Fen’).

Key elements such as object oriented and event-based development, asynchronous client-server communication and distributed content representation are explored through practical production. The production of a working system uses dynamic web frameworks such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery. Learn about embedded microcontrollers, work with different processor architectures and develop embedded software. The use of hardware peripherals, interrupts, multi-tasking and defensive programming will be explored and students will use programming strategies to optimize the execution time, energy consumption and memory size of their programs. Data structures and algorithms lie at the heart of Computer Science as they are the basis for an efficient solution of programming tasks.

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An overview of basic concepts related to eHealth and a perspective on current HIT and innovation. The use of information technology for handling clinical data, health systems. This module follows from CO322 and aims to provide students with more understanding of the theory behind the formal underpinnings of computing.

  • Each stage lasts for one academic year, and you’ll complete modules totalling 120 credits by the end of each stage.
  • These include artificial intelligence, computer security, network technology, software engineering, and human-computer interaction.
  • They are fellow students who can help you settle in and answer any questions you have when starting university.

This accommodation is guaranteed, so you don’t need to worry about finding somewhere to live after accepting a place here, all of this is organised for you before you arrive. Discover Uniprovides applicants with statistics about undergraduate life at Oxford. But there is so much more to an Oxford degree that the numbers can’t convey. Living costs for the academic year starting in 2022 are estimated to be between £1,215 and £1,755 for each month you are in Oxford. We look for proven mathematical talent, the ability to think and work independently, the capacity to absorb and use new ideas, and enthusiasm.

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The precise breakdown of hours will be subject dependent and will vary according to modules. This includes access to web-based information systems, podcasts and web forums for students who can benefit from extra help. We use innovative teaching methodologies, including BlueJ and LEGO© Mindstorms for teaching Java programming. This module is concerned with a range of topics in video game design and development, including game physics, AI, level design, player behaviour, game rules and mechanics, as well as user interfaces. This module introduces students to game development using industry-standard software tools. If you are an international student, visit ourInternational Studentwebsite for further information about entry requirements for your country, including details of theInternational Foundation Programmes.

Evidence of, for example, your initiative and ability in fixing bugs, improving functionality or building an app will help show your skills and interest in the subject. Your computer science course may include a year in industry, which will give you the opportunity to develop commercial skills and build up a network of contacts. Remember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject, so don’t restrict your thinking to the jobs listed here. Imperative programming and related “classic” machines like finite state or Turing machines dominate the field of computing.

You should read the Contract before you accept an offer of a place and before you enrol at the university. For International Students, we may increase fees each year but such increases will be no more than 5% above inflation. The University will charge the tuition fees that are stated in the above table for the first Academic Year of study.