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  • Regardless of the type of monitor you’re eyeing, some general factors are worth considering.
  • Today, CRTs are mostly extinct but are still found in most desktop computers.
  • If you want to replace a dual-monitor setup with a single display, consider going with an ultrawide monitor.

(See our guide to the best graphics cards for 4K gaming.) 4K gaming displays also start around $350, but they can range well north of $1,000 for 32-inch or larger models with GPU adaptive sync and IPS technology. Given the high prices and scarcity of 4K-appropriate gaming cards these days, 1080p or 1440p is a much more realistic gaming resolution for most folks. We’re now seeing monitors that make use of quantum dot technology to offer superior color accuracy, an increased color gamut, and higher peak brightness than you can get with current panel technologies.

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The performance of a monitor is usually determined by a number of factors and not just one feature like its overall screen size, for example. Some of them include the aspect ratio , power consumption, refresh rate, contrast ratio , response time , display resolution, and others. Most gaming monitor vendors now offer displays that feature refresh rates above the 60Hz norm (indeed, many recent general-purpose monitors offer 75Hz). They’re geared toward esports aficionados or serious competitive gamers who demand the highest number of frames per second available.

The higher the brightness your PC monitor has, the more impressive your images, texts, or video games will appear. Color depth can range from 1 bit to 32-bits (over 16.7 million colors). The lower the color depth, the fewer number of different colors you can see. Monitor panel type for monitors is important information to know when buying a monitor.

Monitors are often used by many professionals because of the way they display data and make it easy to interact with a computer. Unlike non-professionals, who appreciate mainly visual benefits for the purpose of entertainment, professionals rely on monitors for better quality of their work and increased productivity. The history of computer monitors requires an understanding of the evolution of CRT technology. CRTs, first pioneered by the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center on March 1, 1973, remained the main display technology for computers until the early 1990s when they began to be replaced by LCD displays. The light generates images on the new and old computer monitors. Whatever your needs or budget, there’s a monitor out there that’s right for you.

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However, for everyday productivity use, UHD is mostly practical only at sizes of 32 inches and up. Multi-windowing at 4K and smaller screen sizes will tend to lead to some quite small text. While it’s always nice to work with a big screen, it’s not always practical or cost-effective, depending on your budget and available workspace. A 24-inch widescreen , starting at about $100, is a good fit for users who need to have more than one window open at any given time but have limited space.

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Business monitors usually offer ergonomic stands that can be adjusted for maximum comfort. Often, they’ll offer pivot adjustability, which lets you rotate the screen 90 degrees for viewing in portrait mode. Look for a monitor with an auto-rotate feature that flips the image for you when you change the orientation. Other business-centric features include a generous (three- or four-year) warranty with an overnight exchange service, built-in USB ports, and an aggressive recycling program.

A ΔE of 2–4 is considered good and requires a sensitive eye to spot the difference. TFT-LCD is a variant of LCD which is now the dominant technology used for computer monitors. Computer monitors were formerly known as visual display units , but this term had mostly fallen out of use by the 1990s. Display contains 5% ocean-bound plastics, the equivalent of more than four 16 oz. Calculation based on grams per product (using 12.7 grams per 16.9 ounce). Monitor’s 85% post-consumer recycled plastic content consists of 5% ocean bound plastic materials by weight.