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Read on to find out what computer engineering students study and where they can work. Computer engineering graduates may pursue careers as computer engineers, computer architecture developers, or network engineers. Mobile device engineering, sustainable “green” energy, game hardware design, and user interface design are all sub-disciplines of computer engineering. If you’re interested in computer hardware and developing systems from the ground up, this is the right degree for you. Another way to choose a type of engineering is to research job titles within the computer or technology field. These positions can be in a variety of industries, including education, government, manufacturing and business.

  • Learn how the interaction of hardware and software shapes our everyday lives and the future of industry.
  • For your final-year individual project you’ll produce a written report, have a viva (a presentation and question/answer session) and also show your project on our demo day, which our external advisory board attend.
  • You will investigate the use of computer-aided design and simulation tools for a variety of engineering applications and develop skills in a variety of computer-aided design and simulation programs.
  • It is also important for computer engineers to keep up with rapid advances in technology.

Today, Georgia’s flagship university offers online programs to make a UGA degree more accessible. The online courses limit class sizes and use the same high academic standards as on-campus classes. In the end, it will come down to your interests, skills, and professional objectives. Both disciplines give you the chance to develop creative solutions to real-world challenges. In this instance, there is no such thing as ‘better.’ It depends on what you see yourself focusing on and if you like working with hardware or software.

Careers And Skills

Before you apply, please check our information about necessary documents that we’ll ask you to provide as part of your application. Each module has its own set of learning outcomes and assessment criteria and also carries a certain number of credits. A component may have a set module which you must study, or a number of modules from which you can choose. IELTS 6.0 overall with a minimum component score of 5.5If you do not meet our IELTS requirements then you may be able to complete a pre-sessional English pathway that enables you to start your course without retaking IELTS. Our School is a community of scholars leading the way in technological research and development. Today’s computer scientists are creative people who are focused and committed, yet restless and experimental.

Almost every sector in India is getting digitalised, which directly impacts the industries which manufacture digital gadgets like desktop computers, laptops, etc. With so many digital marketing companies, the Indian corporate sector is open to so many job opportunities for computer engineers. From being an IT technician to a software development manager, Or IT Consultant for MNCs, the Indian market has grown to create so many levels of jobs for computer engineers. A computer hardware engineer also makes a good living off the salary and can quickly scale up the company hierarchy or move to a new company. A computer hardware engineer researches, designs, develops and tests computer systems and components such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices, networks and routers. Software engineering teaches how to build everything from small circuits to large systems.

Course Options

You will have the opportunity to work on a specific computer project, leading to the next wonderful thing in the computing industry. With the background knowledge from computer science, you will advance into more specialized fields. Computer engineers have to comprehend how circuits link, processors run, and everything else that happens to a digital device. Select a state to see more on employment and job growth for computer engineers. Computer architecture includes CPU design, cache hierarchy layout, memory organization and load balancing. Students choosing the Computer Systems Engineering degrees will specialise from the first year as this course does not share the common first year with our other degrees.

Computer Systems Engineering

The project will be executed independently under the guidance of a supervisor. In exceptional circumstances group projects may be permitted as long as individual deliverables are clearly identified and this has been agreed with the Module Leader and Supervisor. You will conduct in-depth work on a substantial issue, including researching and analysing the problem and finding and realising a solution.