Basic Computer Troubleshooting Steps computer problem

In his spare time Luke likes yoga, surfing, meditation, DIY and consuming all the books, comics and movies he can find. If there’s still an issue, you next port of call should be an internet search engine, where you can type in the name of the program and a description of the issue. Hopefully, other people will have had similar issues, figured out how to fix it, and shared their solutions online.

  • A slow-booting PC is one of the most common – and annoying – computer problems you can encounter.
  • There are many basic troubleshooting techniques you can use to fix issues like this.
  • Whatever the case, dealing with slow internet speeds is a pain and it also could mean your computer has a virus.
  • They are known to have delayed connections but serve their purpose.
  • In most cases, it’s happening due to the motherboard, and not the fan itself.
  • You should hear minimal noise coming from your computer if it’s running optimally.

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Keep Your Programs Up

If your computer doesn’t have enough memory to do basic operations, some computers allow you to purchase and install more RAM. When your drivers are outdated, it is possible for your computer to get stuck in a reboot loop. This is because your devices are not able to properly communicate with your system.

Freezes can be a sign of insufficient ram, registry conflicts, corrupt or missing files, or spyware. Press and hold the power button until the computer turns off, then restart it and get to work cleaning up the system so that it doesn’t freeze again. Alternatively, you can also give Driver Booster by IObit or DriverFix a try. The automatic driver updater software has different databases of drivers, so there is a possibility one may not work well for you but the other will.

Viruses And Dirty Systems

This can cause a slowdown—or, at minimum, a latency-filled browsing experience. In that case, you may need to reposition, tweak, and boost your router with a few tricks. Something on your computer may not be working simply because it isn’t plugged in properly, or at all. Make sure all parts are secured snugly to each other and that all sockets are working normally. Download, install, and update the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. Open your Task Manager and stop processes that are taking up a lot of memory or CPU power.

#4 Driverpack

You can try Driver booster if DriverPack doesn’t solve your problems. Now manually solving these Windows problems can be quite a headache, especially if you lack the technical knowledge and have to consult the guru Google every time. Thankfully, there are many built-in and third-party Windows tools that can automatically solve common Windows problems.