A Common Computer Problems List computer problem

Do not blow compressed air into the vents of your computer as this can damage the fans and get dust into places that can cause damage to the system. If there are multiple users or devices in your home and the issue is isolated to one device, the problem is with the computer. Basic troubleshooting is to check to see if your Ethernet cord is connected to the modem and your computer. If you live in a rural area you are more likely to experience connectivity issues. Satellite internet uses a satellite dish, one that is in space.

The app will let you control the fans to make them work again. Although your PC motherboard must support fan control to use this app. The PC motherboard is smart enough to detect problems and sounds beeps in different rhythms to tell you. Here is an article on what it actually means when the PC beeps multiple times.

Applications Wont Install

Install and use a program that can control the speed of your computer’s fans. Parts of your computer feel abnormally hot when you touch them or put your extremities near them. Remove any newly-installed hardware components and re-insert, repair, or replace them.

  • Starting your computer in Safe Mode disables some advanced functions of your computer.
  • This freeware automatically searches for duplicate or corrupted registry files.
  • If your hard drive has become full, it may mean that you are no longer able to install new applications.
  • If the problem appears directly upon startup, it may be caused by software that starts automatically on boot.
  • Right click on it and choose ‘disable’, then enable again.
  • Hard drives often make noise just before they fail, so you may want to back up information just in case, and fans are very easy to replace.

If you have a slow computer, check your computer’s storage and hard drive memory. Your computer’s performance suffers when your computer’s memory is full, both the hard drive storage and CPU usage. Consider upgrading your memory capacity, saving files to an external hard drive or secure online storage. If the computer is on but the screen is blank, there may be an issue with the connection between the computer and the screen.

Power Your Business

So, the first thing to do is to plug it in and leave it to charge for a few hours. If that doesn’t work, it could mean the charger is faulty, so, if you can try a different charger. If the charger has a power indicator, check whether it lights up when you plug it in. If you’re not quite sure what the problem is, or none of those solutions worked for you, our tips below might help you get your computer up and running again. You can’t use a web browser or other Internet-related service because you can’t connect to the Internet. Or, while you’re using the Internet, you get an error message because your computer has disconnected.

If the problem still isn’t fixed, you can try other troubleshooting techniques. A lot of computer problems are software-specific, meaning that they only happen when starting, using, or stopping a particular program that’s installed. Once deleted, restart the PC and Windows will automatically reinstall the drivers and fix any driver issues. Make sure your computer’s graphics card, motherboard, and network card are updated with latest drivers. If the speed is good, check the size of the file you are downloading.