5 Advantages of Android 10 System

5 Advantages of Android 10 System

5 Advantages of Android 10 System

Android continues to improve the quality of its system. And now, it doesn’t feel like Android 10 has been created to meet its users’ satisfaction levels. Being the most recent system, Android 10 has various superior features that previous Android systems did not have. What are the advantages? Here are 5 advantages of the latest Android 10 system!

Advanced Privacy Security System

Privacy security is indeed very important in the midst of various issues regarding the leakage of our personal data in cyberspace. But you don’t need to worry, the latest Android 10 system is believed to have the most advanced privacy system for now. Android 10 will not share your location with unauthorized apps which can be said to be prone to data leaks. If you need another information about home construction you can visit this site ecoceco

Dark Mode Features

Well, if this one system is very important for your eye health while using a smartphone. Usually, the dark mode feature is only provided by certain applications such as Twitter and UC Browser. But now, it seems that Android has taken seriously the negative impacts that have harmed many people.

The dark mode feature can change the appearance of your phone’s interface to be darker and more comfortable for the eyes. Not only that, to maximize this new feature, Google issued an API (Applications Programming Interface) which turns all applications on your phone into dark mode when you activate this feature.

Screenshot results according to the shape of the screen

Android 10 gives its users a feature where the screenshot results will be shaped according to the shape of your phone. So, if your phone has a notch, then the screenshot will also curve like the shape of your respective cellphone, not just a monotonous rectangle in general. Cool, Friend Shopee?

Screen Recorder Features

Usually to do a screen recorder we have to download additional applications, Android 10 system users no longer need to do that. Because the screen recorder has become a built-in feature on your phone system. Google will also participate in helping provide a screen recorder application for your smartphone.

Sharing-Shortcut Features

The last additional feature you will encounter in Android 10 is the sharing-shortcut feature. So, this feature will allow you to share files or files to applications more quickly and more specifically. If in the previous sharing features it took time and a troublesome process, this is not the case with this new sharing-shortcut feature!

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