15 Cool Free Pc Games You Should Play computer games

Hearthstone is a free game to play, but there are paid features here too. Similar to physical card games, Hearthstone lets you buy card packs that come with random cards. Rainbow Six Siege is an online PC game that, at first glance, feels similar to Counter Strike. However, the game places a far higher importance on strategy and teamwork than most other online shooters you might have played. If you play this game with a squad of friends it can be highly interesting since you’ll have to learn the maps, and work in coordination with your team mates to beat your enemies. The gameplay is set in a vast open-world that you can explore and loot.

If you just want a damn fine PC game from the last several years, check these out. “Ambitious to a fault, it offers a vast and spectacular fantasy adventure elevated by a stunning combat system and an astonishing sense of scale,” Rick said in our review. Teardown is a physics-based destruction engine perfect for viral tweets, and it’s also a genius puzzle game. There’s a full campaign, robust level editor, and an active modding scene that includes everything from portal guns to perfect recreations of de_dust2.


The developers have partnered with Team17 on this one, and are targeting a Steam Early Access release later this year. Before that, a closed alpha will be made available to anyone who pre-orders the game early. Check out our alpha gameplay impressions for more information on this intriguing new shooter.

  • League of Legends is another highly played game and has a very large esports scene backing it up which makes it another exciting game.
  • One of the more surprising updates from The Games Awards 2019 was the return The Wolf Among Us 2.
  • Rogue Legacy 2 “stands among the finest in a genre it helped create,” says our review.

The game revolves around the character of Diablo III and lets you explore the never-ending life of the character which is full of challenges. In the initial days, Path of Exile went through a lot of criticism as the game had no shortage of bugs and often crashed on PC. However, the current stage of the game is more stable and focuses on offering an innovative game experience. Furthermore, you can customize your gaming character tailoring it to your preferences & liking. To do so you need to spend gold (in-app game currency earned by leveling up the game) on the in-game items. Blade & Soul is a completely free game, however, there are some in-app purchases that you can make to unlock new warrior outfits, additional character slots, and so many other items.

Plus with the new Cayo Perico update adding a new solo heist and island to the map, not the mention the game coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X, there’s no sign of GTA V going to pasture anytime soon. Despite being an MMO, Square-Enix has streamlined things so much that, if you don’t want to, you really don’t have to play with other people. Story missions are intended to be tackled solo, and even instanced dungeons now have an option for you to enter with computer-controlled party members instead of forcing you into a group with strangers. Of course, it’s also a fully-fleshed MMO with end-game raiding that ranges from totally accessible to maddeningly punishing.

The Sims 4 Pc Game

Like everyone else, our mornings are now devoted to this simple but satisfying word puzzle game that offers a new challenge daily. Elden Ring casts a long shadow—it’s probably the game we’re going to keep coming back to all year long. But if you’re looking for more recommendations of what to play right now, as spring turns to summer and the schedule of big releases looks a bit barren, we have some ideas.

Like From Software’s games, Nioh 2 rewards you for learning the fighting systems inside and out and squeezing every advantage out of its loot, weapons, and Yokai skills to gain the upper hand. You also have quite a bit of customization available to you for deeper gameplay. This sequel is a worthy follow up to the first game, also set in a fictionalized, fantastical version of historical Japan, that will have you either squealing in delight or screaming in anger. Mass Effect Legendary Edition may not be a new game, per se, but it gets a shiny coat of paint as well as a few extras that make one of the most exciting gaming series ever worth revisiting. It’s not only been remastered with the ability to play in 4K, but it comes with just about all the content of the first three games including their DLCs. Additionally, there have been some technical and gameplay improvements for a more seamless experience.